Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Checking in and things I have learnt.....

Hello! Right-o, down to business....Have kinda failed at the experiment already.... Had a day off yesterday :-(  I was out all day and I didn't get back in until gone 11pm. Anyway, today is a new day right? So I will dust myself off and go again! Let's go again!

Going to try something new today with the 'Crazy 8' For all of you who don't know what it looks like, here it is again...

    60 Jumping Jacks/Star Jumps
    15-20 Spiderman Pushups - I just do 30/40 Pushups.
    20 Walking Lunges - I swap these in for 20 jumping lunges.
    10-20 Spiderman Climb - I do a total of 10 per side.
    Wall Squat - Do this for 45-60 seconds. (I manage 30/45 seconds)   
    Planks - 60 seconds. (I do between 30/60 seconds) 
    5 Burpees: Depends how I am feeling but can do between 5-10 of these.
    50 High Knees: Most of the time can manage only 40!
Rest 1 min and repeat 1-5 times, depending on fitness.

So anyway, I am going to do each exercise in the circuit to failure today and repeat twice (hopefully) I feel that this will give me a really good workout and will also benchmark where I am at :-)

Picture day tomorrow!!

So, Things I have learnt...

  1. This workout is much easier when you are fueled up
  2. Much easier when warm (Obviously)
  3. For me at least, it's much easier at night.
Credit for the workout goes to Craig Ballantyne.

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