Wednesday, 24 December 2014

My 'crazy 8' experiment...

Hello everyone! I am back! I don't now how long for, but I am! I have decided to try a little experiment, which basically goes like this...

Perform the 'crazy 8' workout everyday for 2 weeks. Pictures will be provided when I first start the workout, 7 days in and 14 days in, to see how lean I can get within 14 days (if at all).

Now for those of you who don't know what the 'crazy 8' is, It's part of Craig Ballantyne's turbulence training manuals, it looks a little something like this...

    60 Jumping Jacks/Star Jumps
    15-20 Spiderman Pushups - I just do 30/40 Pushups.
    20 Walking Lunges - I swap these in for 20 jumping lunges.
    10-20 Spiderman Climb - I do a total of 10 per side.
    Wall Squat - Do this for 45-60 seconds. (I manage 30/45 seconds)   
    Planks - 60 seconds. (I do between 30/60 seconds) 
    5 Burpees: Depends how I am feeling but can do between 5-10 of these.
    50 High Knees: Most of the time can manage only 40!
So the idea is to do all of these exercises back to back, with no rest in between, rest 1 minute and then repeat... Craig Ballantyne recommends doing this for a total of 3 sets, but I am doing just 2 for now until my fitness improves.

I have started this experiment to see if my body changes any within the 14 day experiment, depending on results, I may continue for a further 14 days on top of that.

So without further ado, here is the first pictures (day 1)

So as you can tell, I have skinny fat syndrome...I have a bit of paunch around the middle, so hopefully after 14 days my entire mid section will look tighter.

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